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Castle Restoration Project

Givins Beverly Castle Restoration Task Force Update

The Castle Restoration Project continues with the Task Force placing a time capsule into the northeast tower that is being rebuilt. The time capsule contains our Chicago’s Only Castle book (pdf file on DVD) and the documentary DVD, as well as other artifacts.
The Project will cost nearly one million dollars. The Beverly Unitarian Church congregation with 74 members was able to raise about $415,000 and an additional $120,000 in loans from members. This work by the congregation has helped to obtain a grant of $240,000 from the City of Chicago Adopt a Landmark Commission. Landmarks Illinois gave a $4,000 grant, and the Rebuild Illinois program has pledged $300,000 if these funds should be collected via proceeds from various tax sources. The Project does not anticipate receiving this grant anytime soon. An anonymous donor has also pledged a $30,000 grant “which will be matched dollar for dollar during the month of August.
Images of the work and time capsule by Ken and Adair Small.


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