Meet the Team Behind Chicago’s Only Castle

Preserving Chicago’s History

There must be teamwork to produce a quality documentary and book.

In our case that was true.

Chicago’s Only Castle would like to kindly thank the individuals who contributed their knowledge, skills, and time to the film as well as the book. Without your help, this project would not have been possible.

  • Mary Quinn Olsson
  • Michael Magidson
    Website Developer
  • Peter Kreten
    Sound engineer
  • Laura Weber
    Graphics assistant
  • Paula O’Brien
    Financial Advisor
  • Miroslaw Siemens, Jr.
  • Beth O’Grady
  • Bill Diana
  • Kelly Sise
  • Leslie Orear
  • Neil Shadle
  • Rudy Visser
  • Jaroslaw Hankewych
  • Maria Klimchak
  • Nancy Nieburger Cox
  • Jack Simmerling
Speakers and Narrators

(For the Movie)

  • Chris Dimas
  • Helen Dimas
  • Char Lichtenfeld
  • Michael Magidson
  • Mary Quinn Olsson
  • Errol Magidson
  • Bill Diana
  • Hank Jirousek
  • Madeleine Flisk
  • Linda Lamberty
  • Christian Cooper
  • Ronald Mark