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Meet the Team Behind Chicago’s Only Castle

Preserving Chicago’s History

There must be teamwork to produce a quality documentary and book.

In our case that was true.

Chicago’s Only Castle would like to kindly thank the individuals who contributed their knowledge, skills, and time to the film as well as the book. Without your help, this project would not have been possible.

  • Mary Quinn Olsson
  • Michael Magidson
    Website Developer
  • Peter Kreten
    Sound engineer
  • Laura Weber
    Graphics assistant
  • Paula O’Brien
    Financial Advisor
  • Miroslaw Siemens, Jr.
  • Beth O’Grady
  • Bill Diana
  • Kelly Sise
  • Leslie Orear
  • Neil Shadle
  • Rudy Visser
  • Jaroslaw Hankewych
  • Maria Klimchak
  • Nancy Nieburger Cox
  • Jack Simmerling
Speakers and Narrators

(For the Movie)

  • Chris Dimas
  • Helen Dimas
  • Char Lichtenfeld
  • Michael Magidson
  • Mary Quinn Olsson
  • Errol Magidson
  • Bill Diana
  • Hank Jirousek
  • Madeleine Flisk
  • Linda Lamberty
  • Christian Cooper
  • Ronald Mark

Learn More About

Errol Magidson

2018 - 2019
Author, Chicago’s Only Castle: The History of Givins’ Irish Castle and Its Keepers (2017). Gave invited presentation at the Newberry Library in Chicago (April 2018), appeared on WGN Radio’s “After Hours with Rick Kogan,” March 2018, May 2019
Archival researcher, documentary, A Towering Task: The Story of the Peace Corps, 2019 (premiered at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C., Sept. 2019)
Filmmaker. Produced, co-directed, narrated and wrote the script for feature-length film, Chicago’s Only Castle: The History of Givins’ Irish Castle and Its Keepers. (2011). (1 hour, 26 minutes). Chicago: Errol Magidson Productions, LLC. This production received a grant from Richard H. Driehaus. It was screened at the Beverly Arts Center, the Chicago History Museum, and on PBS TV; appeared on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight with Phil Ponce
2011 - 2020
Chair, Saint Xavier Adjunct Faculty Organization, 2011 – 2020; Founding Member, Adjunct Council, Saint Xavier University, 2013 – 2017
2006 - 2020
Adjunct professor at Saint Xavier University from Spring 2006 - Spring 2020 (teaching Introduction to Psychology 101); adjunct professor at Roosevelt University 2008- 2009 (taught General Psychology 103 and Research Methods 285); also previously an adjunct at National Louis University and Purdue University
2008 - 2009
Workshop developer and presenter on “Developing and Using Effective PowerPoint Presentations in the Classroom,” Saint Xavier University, (Fall 2008) and at Roosevelt University (Spring and Fall 2009)
2007 - 2008
Workshop developer and presenter on “Creating Exciting Video Documentaries Using the Computer” for teachers in the Catholic Schools sponsored by a program offered by the Office of Catholic Schools, 2007 and 2008
Author of several articles, including ones on psychology and on computer-assisted instruction
Professor emeritus and former Department of Social Sciences Chair, Richard J. Daley College. Taught courses in the social sciences, particularly psychology courses; led faculty development workshops on using technology in the classroom, and helped write and direct a National Science Foundation Project on instructional development
2002 - 2003
Named Distinguished Professor of Daley College for 2002-2003 by the Board of Trustees of the City Colleges of Chicago, the highest award offered by the City Colleges
Named the Outstanding Teacher of the Year 1998 at Daley College of the City Colleges of Chicago by Phi Theta Kappa, an honors society, in a survey of Daley College students
Recognized by the Chancellor of the City Colleges for mentoring 7 psychology students to receive internships to the 2002 American Psychological Association’s Annual Meeting and Summer Institute
Presenter at various conferences, including the National Education Computing Conference, Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Roosevelt University Mini-Conference on Teaching, and the Midwest Institute for Students and Teachers of Psychology
Guest editor of a special edition of Educational Technology devoted to “Trends in Computer-Assisted Instruction,” April 1978
Worked on PLATO computer-based education Project at the University of Illinois (Urbana) to develop computer-assisted instruction for adult basic education
1965 - 1967
Peace Corps Volunteer, Institute of African Studies, Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone, West Africa, 1965-1967
Degrees: A.B., Government, Indiana University; M.A.T. Social Sciences, Antioch Graduate School of Education; Ed.D. (Curriculum and Instruction), Nova University
1970 - 1971; 1971 - 2004
Full-time academic positions: Indiana Vocational Technical College (1970 – 1971), City Colleges of Chicago (1971 – 2004)